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9 Elephants Join Ellen in discussing Life and all its possibilities


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:: Here's what some of our happy clients are saying ::

"I have known Ellen Black for over 12 years now, and I am still in awe of her incredible talent, and her strong desire to help individuals who seek her counsel for needs in their lives. She is dedicated to her work, and a loving mother to a beautiful daughter. Ellen will always be there for me, and I love and respect her dearly. "
—Kirk D.

"Ellen Black is truly a wise woman. Her counsel is sound; her advice helpful. She has a gift in delivering solutions to life's situations in the kindest possible way."
—Lynn R.

"Working with Ellen has been a positive forward change in my life, She is supportive, motivating, and imaginative. I have come to rely on her for coaching and helping me to stay focused on my goals and on what is important to me personally. She has helped me build self confidence and understand the need for a change in strategy, which facilitated immediate clear resolutions to personal issues. Ellen has helped me understand life is a series of changes. I rely upon her excellent skill and knowledge to guide and support me spiritually, emotionally, and physically."
—Kathy H.

"Ellen is simply the best! She’s an amazingly gifted person—sensitive, funny, warm, loving, spiritual, creative—and over many years I have benefited from the counseling that comes from her readings. Her warmth and caring, her commitment to helping others, her deep grasp of metaphysics informs her readings and she shares not only on what the cards tell her, but her innate intuitive abilities, bordering on the psychic, help her share even more. It always stuns me how accurate she is at getting to the core of an issue, in describing people and events and energies from the past that affect energies surrounding me in the present. And her suggestions and predictions of future energies and events have been incredibly accurate and revealing. When my world gets overwhelming, and I have a hard time making sense of the chaos around me, or a hard time knowing which path to take, I know I can call Ellen and she will help me work through the confusion and give me the insight to know the essence of what it going on, which gives me the clarity to make ordinary as well as life-altering decisions."
—Kathryn Y.

"Ellen is the most accurate Tarot reader I have ever encountered. Her dry wit and good humor, combined with warm compassion, make a reading with Ellen a delightful and insightful experience."
—Deborah R.

"Ellen has been performing my readings for ten years. She is honest and accurate beyond belief, and her work is fairly priced. She removes all bias from her readings. You can be assured that the reading you receive is applicable and specific to your life."
—Mike F.

"While on the path of knowledge, God provides us with teachers. I will take this opportunity to thank God for you. You are a compassionate teacher and guide; to be such as this, is both rewarding and challenging. Your gifts are vital, you are an extraordinarily brilliant and radiant being and all our consultations have been enlightening, transformational, and create a calming effect for me. I just wanted to again say thank you for all your help and support, and for you to know how much I appreciate all you do."
—Julie G.



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