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:: Here are answers to some commonly asked questions ::

Can you tell me my future? 
I work with Universal energies (the Divine, angels, archangels, ascended masters, and more), along with my intuition and the Tarot cards,  to help querants find the best answers to their questions, but this doesn’t mean that I tell anyone’s future. No one’s future is pre-determined. Because we all have free will and because we're all interconnected to each other, our futures can turn out in a variety of ways. Therefore, each question asked of me can include multiple answers. I help clients understand what decisions and choices would help create a specific aspect of an their future, and I can also help find details that might have been previously overlooked, thus finding solutions not yet tried. Ultimately, a Tarot reading helps you make the best decisions and choices possible for any situation.  

How does a Tarot reading work?
As described in the first question, I work with Universal guides and use my intuition (or Higher Self) to understand the energy of any given question or situation. I use the Tarot cards to fill in details, and sometimes, to provide clarification. Using Universal guidance, my intuition, and the cards, I provide clients with the information necessary to help them better understand a situation and handle it. I always suggest that clients ask very pointed, direct questions. Universal energies and the Tarot are both attuned to vibrations of people and events and if a vague question is asked, then these energies will probably provide vague answers. Learn more about Tarot.

What if you tell me something that I don’t like or scares me?
I always let my clients know exactly what I’m discerning and everything that the cards are showing. If a negative aspect or situation appears in a reading, then I work with clients to help them determine the best way to either deflect a negative outcome or subdue any harmful impact.  

How often should I get a reading? 
You can get a reading as often as you'd like. Although, I generally tell my  clients to wait two to three months between readings, just to give Life the  time it needs to work its way through various situations. However, this 
doesn't mean that situations don't change more quickly than anticipated or  that emergency/unexpected situations don't arise. In those cases, I tell  clients to call and schedule a reading as soon as possible. 

How can you give a reading over the phone?
We are all interconnected and linked together through what some call the Collective Consciousness. Additionally, all of our energies and actions, from lifetime to lifetime, are recorded in the Akashic Records. I can use both the Collective Consciousness and the Askashic Recrods, along with Universal guidance and my intuition, to feel the energy surrounding questions. The Tarot cards also tap into these energies, and together, the cards and I can work with anyone, from any distance.  Order a phone reading now.

What kind of questions can I ask?
Any question. Just be prepared to hear the answers, and realize that the Tarot is best suited for providing clarity. 

Why should I pay for a reading when I can get a free one online?
Most online free readings are automated. They are not in tune with your energies, and therefore, cannot provide the best answers possible.   

How accurate are you? 
Practitioners who work to discern information and who are truly working from  a Divine-centered place to provide the highest information possible, use a  rule of thumb that their answers are accurate to at least 80% and quite  often, the accuracy rate is much higher. I find that, when I work with people who come to readings with an open heart and mind and who are willing to ask pointed, detailed questions, the accuracy rate runs more between 90-95%. 

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