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9 Elephants Join Ellen in discussing Life and all its possibilities

What to Expect

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:: When you book a consultation with me, you can expect me to listen to your questions, sometimes asking you for more information so that I can fully understand what you’re asking and determine the type of advice you need::

Know that the more pointed and direct your questions, the more information I can derive about the situation being discussed. After becoming thoroughly familiar with what you’re asking, I then intuitively obtain information from the energies surrounding each individual situation, while also working with the Tarot to gather additional details that will help me determine the appropriate action you need to take. 

While I am not a psychotherapist, a doctor, or a priest, you can trust me to use my discernment and experience to diagnose the situation at hand and dispense the best advice possible, while not divulging anything discussed during a consultation. My goal is to help you not only figure out how to handle different issues, but to also alleviate any worries or fears that you might have. I also encourage you to recognize the positive aspects and possibilities that exist in your life and work with you to bring more success and joy and peace and happiness to the path you’re walking.  

To find out how my consultations have helped numerous clients, read a few testimonials. I look forward to working with you.


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What to Expect

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