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Tarot Events and Parties

Ellen is available to provide Tarot consultations at your party or event, adding a fun and interesting element to your gathering. Each of your guests would be able to ask one question, which would give them a reading that lasts anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, depending upon the complexity of the question. A private space should be provided for the readings so that each of your guests can be assured privacy. Invite Ellen to your event and provide your guests with a unique experience.

When free, Ellen is available for any event or party, Monday through Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. During the day, Ellen can attend parties in Dallas and its surrounding suburbs, such as Richardson, Plano, and more. During the evening, Ellen is available to work these areas of Dallas: Uptown, Midtown, North Dallas, and Lakewood.

$150 for the first hour, $100 for every hour thereafter

To book your event or for more information, please contact us via the web form

Speaking Engagements and Mentorship

Ellen is available for various speaking engagements and is also available for ongoing mentorship. Contact Ellen to discuss hiring her as a speaker or talk to her about obtaining guidance on a monthly basis.

"Ellen is simply the best! She’s an amazingly gifted person—sensitive, funny, warm, loving, spiritual, creative—and over many years I have benefited from the counseling that comes from her readings. Her warmth and caring, her commitment to helping others, her deep grasp of metaphysics informs her readings and she shares not only on what the cards tell her, but her innate intuitive abilities, bordering on the psychic, help her share even more." —Kathryn Y

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