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The Ancestor of Every Action is a Thought
Tuesday, August 21. 2009

Since the publication of The Secret and all of the hype surrounding this book (and others similar), I've put a lot of thought into trying to determine whether I believe positive thinking lets us create the fabulous lives promised by authors/coaches whose work is based on Secret principles.

I have heard these experts say, "If you think positively and envision that perfect job, it will appear. If you remain positive and know that the right relationship awaits, it's yours." These experts also say that if our lives do not mirror what we want, then we're not thinking positively.

Some people seem to be able to create whatever they want, even if they're thinking negatively - usually of others - or living selfish lives, which is not indicative of positivity. Simultaneously, numerous people focus on living positive lives that honor - lives that are kind, respectful, ethical. And yet, quite often, these people find themselves facing obstacles that seem to thwart their dreams. How can negative outcomes occur from positive actions?

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What Would You Give Up?
Tuesday, August 11. 2009

I first heard Paolo Conte's "Come Away with Me" ("Vieni Va Con Me") while watching the movie French Kiss. I couldn't understand a word of the song, but it made me smile and smile. I couldn't stop grinning, even after the song finished playing.

"Come Away with Me" teased me, making me want to get up and dance like a happy dog. However, since I was in a public theatre, I remained in my seat. Luckily, I've been able to see French Kiss on television, in my home, many times since that first theatre viewing. Each subsequent listen to "Come Away with Me" found me intoxicated and delighted, and while at home, I got up and danced when the song played, feeling like I was touching something new and unknown.

Below is a YouTube link to Paolo Conte's wonderful song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uj4pUD7YwI&feature=related

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