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9 Elephants Join Ellen in discussing Life and all its possibilities

About 9 Elephants

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:: My name is Ellen Black, owner of 9 Elephants LLC, a counseling service that uses innate intuition, along with the insight of the Tarot, to help people find the best answers to questions of all types. ::

What is 9 Elephants?

Ellen BlackHi and welcome to my virtual salon and healing center. I created this web site as a place where we can gather to discuss all issues and aspects of Life. 9elephants.com is a destination for connection – a place where we can help each other through this mystical and amazing, yet far too often, difficult journey of being Divine creatures in a physical world – a world that can be confusing and frustrating and terrifying, yet also has the potential to be very rewarding, and sometimes even, fun.

What's with the Name?

I chose the name 9 Elephants because the number 9 is associated with completion and the elephant is a totem animal of wisdom. When we are faced with choices, sometimes very difficult, we must seek and be open to the wisdom that will point to choices that will bring completeness.

What Can You Expect from a Consultation?

When you book a consultation with me, you can expect me to listen to your questions, sometimes asking you for more information so that I can fully understand what you’re asking and determine the type of advice you need. Know that the more pointed and direct your questions, the more information I can derive about the situation being discussed. After becoming thoroughly familiar with what you’re asking, I then intuitively obtain information from the energies surrounding each individual situation, while also working with the Tarot to gather additional details that will help me determine the appropriate action you need to take. 

While I am not a psychotherapist, a doctor, or a priest, you can trust me to use my discernment and experience to diagnose the situation at hand and dispense the best advice possible, while not divulging anything discussed during a consultation. My goal is to help you not only figure out how to handle different issues, but to also alleviate any worries or fears that you might have. I also encourage you to recognize the positive aspects and possibilities that exist in your life and work with you to bring more success and joy and peace and happiness to the path you’re walking.  

To find out how my consultations have helped numerous clients, read a few testimonials. I look forward to working with you. Book a consultation today. View some frequently asked questions.

"Ellen has helped me understand life is a series of changes. I rely upon her excellent skill and knowledge to guide and support me spiritually, emotionally, and physically." —Kathy H.

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About My Journey

I received a Doctor of Metaphysical Counseling, McD degree from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, AZ, and I use my education, along with past experience to help people either find their individual path or to take the action necessary to ensure that an already-identified path is traversed with integrity and love.

I grew up in a religious cult in a very small town in East Texas. This cult was controlling, misogynistic, racist, and violent – both physically and sexually, as were my parents. I’m writing about my experiences in a book that I hope to publish in the near future.

Because I grew up in a situation that resided outside of established mores and boundaries, I was forced to question Life at a very early age and learn how to navigate a world where people sometimes died unnatural deaths. My first memories relate to survival. Not only was I held captive in a town of about three hundred people, surrounded by a mind-controlling cult and terribly abusive parents, but I did not attend a legitimate, licensed school until I was 14; the cult’s leader forced all of its members’ children into an “educational” system that also allowed its “teachers” to abuse their students, both physically and verbally, while eschewing the tenets of modern thinking.

My journey in this lifetime has allowed me to see the worst and darkest that a soul can create, while also giving me the chance to see Life through a prism that those walking a mainstream path would probably find unrecognizable. Because I have walked a difficult path and have survived, I can use my knowledge and experience to help others through difficult times, offering not only answers but hope and caring.

Be Part of a Community of Hope

I invite everyone to join me at 9elephants.com and become part of a community that is unafraid to ask questions or offer insight. Let’s use our individual experiences to help each other walk Life with hearts that might be scarred but can still laugh and marvel. Feel free to talk about healing, metaphysics, art, politics, writing, poetry, love, children, animals, nature – talk about anything, just be kind and respectful to each other and realize that, while we all might be traveling in a vehicle called Life, some of us are driving sports cars and others are thinking about the planet with their hybrids, while some are still trying to figure out how to ditch that hoopty that has served them as well as it could but really needs to be given a Viking send off. Remember that we’re all walking paths individual to our specific lives and not all of us are on the same route. Come join the discussion.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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